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London parents would be pushed to find better provision in the capital”   
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 ”Students’ excellent personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school’s success”   


Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the Parayhouse School Website.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our forthcoming Visitors Mornings and showing you our school.



Autumn 2016, we have a new address and telephone. 

Parayhouse School
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Until we meet, I hope our website gives you an idea of our ethos, achievements and community.

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Sarah L JacksonHeadteacher

We asked students, parents, staff, Trustees and Governors “What makes Parayhouse special?”

Comments fell in to 2 broad categories  

1.) Staff, Teaching & Progress
2.) Support/Ethos/Environment.

For a chart of responses, you can refer to our parents survey.
Below are some key comments from each group questioned. 

Parents About the Staff, Teaching & Progress

“I feel that Parayhouse is special because most of the teachers I have met in the school seem to really care about the children and they don’t look exhausted or like they have had enough. I think this is quite rare in a school and I believe that children benefit enormously when their teachers are happy, relaxed and enjoy their work.”

“In Parayhouse School my child makes good progress and I feel my child is safe, well taught, and his behaviour is well managed and he is happy being at this school, he is looked after and I receive valuable information about his learning every day. As a special school I believe that all the staff are well trained and manage all the young people, also I will recommend Parayhouse School to other parents.”

“The school integrates well and children get to meet and play with children in other classes.”

“Parayhouse has been a great start for my son, he loves this school and is so happy, be it with peers or his teachers, he has fitted in well in the small group, works hard and loves music. All the staff in Parayhouse are so supportive, very friendly and fantastic. It’s a very special school.”

“I have seen a huge improvement in my child since he started to now. I have been happy with the amount of support and feedback I have received from the staff at Parayhouse. It’s special because it seems as though it is a ‘family’ and everyone seems to look after one another. I have never felt any need to complain about the school as it has been a great experience with the family and school.”

“Small, close knit relationship with pupils.”

“Parayhouse School provides an excellent environment for learning. The staff are excellent and innovative in their teaching skills. George has improved beyond my hopes since he has been at Parayhouse School.”

“The school is very supportive of the individual child’s needs and translating this into a classroom structure.”

“The teachers put a lot of time and effort into making the best for all students learning. Taking part in Shakespeare and swimming galas are great. There is a great community feel between parents.”

“I think that the level of communication between the school and myself is very good. All staff involved in my son’s education are easily approachable and always willing to answer any query/concern that I may have. This is important to me as my son has limited verbal skills.”

“Parayhouse has made a major impact on my son’s life. He can express himself more. He is more confident, can speak a lot better, more words added to his vocabulary.”

“A nice, happy family.”

“It is like a family to us. We get all the information about school activities on the newsletter.”

“HT, teachers, SALT and other staff have excellent experience and knowledge – based expertise in teaching pupils with learning difficulties. They work in partnership with pupils and parents in the truest sense. Opportunities of all kinds; theatre, arts, sports, field trips, social events are given to the children and their families with staff of school. Excellent business manager at Parayhouse ensures all runs smoothly.”

“The teachers are cheerful, enthusiastic, and compassionate and have great passion for teaching. There are lots of enrichment activities. Children are taught the importance of fund-raising. My child is happy and feels safe at school.”

“My son was very affected by his previous experiences of school before coming to Parayhouse. He now comes home a lot happier, calmer and tells me what he has learnt. This is a very special school with staff who obviously care and want pupils to succeed and develop.

Trustees & Governors About Staff, Teaching & Progress

“The school has collaborative family-like atmosphere which allows students to feel physically and psychologically safe, which in turn allows them to flourish in the learning and achievement.”

“What makes Parayhouse special is all of the above. It has a clear identity and objective as a school, however it doesn’t just stop there. This lives and breathes in everything that is done. The staff believe in it which means that a culture of high quality exists in everything from behaviour to leadership.”

“Great emphasis on the care and support of all the children.”

“I believe that all the students’ holistic needs are met through collaboration of all parties. Staff and leaders are all incredibly dedicated to ensuring that our students make progress in all areas of development.”

“Parayhouse is ‘special’ because there is a calm and relaxed family atmosphere throughout the school. Teachers and learning assistants are focused on the children and ensuring that they are achieving their learning goals. The children are always polite and well behaved.”

“The staff know each child individually and ensure that they are given the right support to reach their full potential. The children seem happy to be in school and keen to learn.”

“Parayhouse is ‘special’ because of the exceptional ability of the staff to provide a happy and supportive environment for the students and the emphasis on Speech and Language Therapy with the school now having four SLTs. Consequently learning has achieved a very high standard so maximizing each student’s potential.”

“Parayhouse gives students an environment in which they feel confident to learn and thrive throughout their schooling years. It provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere and where parents/carers, teachers and all staff work holistically together.”

“The school has a hugely dedicated team of teachers, senior staff and governors who are all working extremely hard to give the children in their charge the best possible educational opportunities. This is a very special school, and a very dedicated school, of a size that allows a wonderful sense of community, care and shared ambition. I feel very proud to be involved with the school as governor.”

“Partnership; listening to one another; real mutual respect between staff, parents and pupils (in some schools they only pay lip-service to the idea of respect); sense of community; experience and expertise in the education of pupils with learning difficulties. The school has built up a sense of tradition and identity which is appreciated by pupils, parents and staff, who feel part of a secure, stable and nurturing environment. At the same time, the HT and staff are always looking outwards at the latest/most current teaching methods, education research and therapeutic input to benefit their pupils.”

PHS Staff About the Staff, Teaching & Progress

“I think all of the children’s individual needs are met.”

“It is very special.”

“Parayhouse School is a unique school. It has a dedicated team of staff all working for the good of the students. Here at Parayhouse, we place our student, and their families as a priority to our work in meeting our students’ individual needs.”

“I think it is the collaborative and highly holistic approach of the school that makes it special. Every child is considered, treated and planned for as an individual. I feel we really try to think about the impact we can have on a child’s life outside of school so that they can happily and safely function in their community.”

“PHS is special because of the individual care, teaching and devotion shown to every student. No child goes unnoticed or slips through the cracks. We have high expectations and fully support each student on their learning journey.”

“Parayhouse has a nurturing and caring feel, which makes students feel safe and secure, this enables them to feel supported in their learning and have a more positive outlook and confidence in their abilities.”

“Parayhouse School is extremely special due to the close bond between students and staff.”

“As a staff member I am very proud to be a part of Parayhouse. I am able to contribute to and see first-hand the progress that our students make in their academic, social and life skills. I am blown away by the development of some of our students and so pleased that we are able to support them in their journey towards adult life. I know that the individualised, focused but fun learning that takes place here, the warm environment, strong relationships and talented and committed staff place a huge part in the students’ progress.”

“Parayhouse is a warm welcoming environment. Staff work together but also look after one another.”

“The children make this school special. Also all staff are very supportive of each other.”

“I think Parayhouse staff try to get the most out of the students by having high expectation and by participating in many extra-curricular activities.”

Trustees & Governors About the Support, Ethos and Environment

PHS treats every pupil individually and aims that every pupil reaches their full potential. It provides an happy, safe environment for all the pupils.

PHS is special because it provides a caring, nurturing environment but strives for each individual student to achieve their own maximum potential.

PHS is a nurturing environment in which there is a focus on supporting each pupil to reach their full potential.

PHS Staff About the Support, Ethos and Environment

There is a shared vision, a belief in learning & language for life and a strong community identity based on the values of respect, tolerance empowerment and trust.

The students willingness to befriend and accept everyone, despite differences in age, disabilities and culture.

“The close-knit community for children and staff. Excellent approach to developing the whole child.”

“PHS is a special place to work as it has a family atmosphere.”

“Team work and support, the children and the general environment make the school a special environment to work in.”

Students learn to be independent in a warm, caring environment. The small size of our school helps in the education, nurturing & support of students.

Students about everything

“Teachers help people to learn.”

“The teachers are special.”

“It helps you to think.”

“Mrs Routley is special.”

“I like my friends.”

“I feel like my speech has got better because of the speech therapists.”

“The teachers love me when I am bad or very good.”

“The teachers help me do my meds.”

“It’s great, PHS is a good school. We are like a big family and we all support each other.”