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Parayhouse School is committed to ensuring that each and every student reaches his or her full potential.

We deliver our mission in three essential ways...

we provide a safe and nurturing environment where students feel secure and are confident and eager to learn.

we create a highly specialised and individualised curriculum with speech and language at its heart, empowering students to learn.

we establish close working relationships between parents, carers, students and staff to support learning and behaviour at home as well as at school.

Welcome to Parayhouse School

We provide a specialist education for students with a range of educational needs. 

Students range from the ages of seven to sixteen and cover Key Stages two, three and four.

Parayhouse School Registered charity number 1090757


After so many years of hard work and devotion to the school,

our Headmistress Sarah Jackson will be leaving us

at the end of this summer term.

Please join us in giving her a tearful farewell at

The School Birthday Party on Saturday the 23rd of June from 12pm.


We're going to miss you Mrs Jackson!