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Trustee Governors







Johnnie Wraith - Chair of Trustee Governors

"I have been an investment banker for over 20 years always working in the City of London, for various different banks. My connection with Parayhouse comes through my son, Max, who has been a student at the school since 2014. I wanted to become a Trustee Governor to help the school in all its wonderful efforts to help ensure that all the students develop to their full potential in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ways Parayhouse supports its students and plans their education, and am delighted to have had the opportunity to act as Deputy Chair of Trustee Governors, and Trustee Governor for English".







Robert Linton, Community Trustee Governor
Hospital Doctor (Retired)
Trustee Governor Since 2013

For 25 years I was a consultant working for the NHS at St Thomas’s Hospital, London. I also ran a research laboratory and developed a new method of measuring how much blood the heart pumps round the body. For many years I was responsible for selecting medical students for Guy’s and St Thomas’s as well as teaching junior doctors and medical students. I was chairman of the Ministry of Defence Research Ethics Committee which approved (or not) research involving military personnel. More recently I was on the Independent Monitoring Board of Wandsworth prison trying to improve conditions for prisoners many of whom had had very bad experiences in childhood.

Having more time after retirement I wanted to be involved in something worthwhile that would help young people to achieve the best possible start in life and so realise their full potential.’

Beatriz Exposito – Staff Trustee Governor

I studied a Primary Education degree at The Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain.  I decided to be a teacher because I love working with children. What I never knew was that a few years later, I would be moving to London (2012) and start working in a special needs school, (Parayhouse). Since the first day, I’ve been enjoying my role, first as a volunteer, then as a LSA and now as a Key Teacher. During this period, I haven’t stopped looking for new experiences or opportunities to improve my career and to contribute to the schools success. This is one of the reasons why I volunteered to be a Staff Trustee Governor of Parayhouse.

After having experiences in different schools, I realised that the most important thing is seeing that my work is relevant. There is nothing more satisfying for me than seeing how my students are progressing and how important our contribution is. We are shaping their life, and their future. I think it is essential that the pupils enjoy their education and I am 100% sure that I want to continue being part of this process so I will keep taking any opportunities that will help me to continue developing my teaching knowledge. I also sit on the Teaching and Learning sub-committee.


Daniela Schwartz, Community Trustee Governor

Daniela has worked in Marketing & Communications, mainly in the Financial Services industry, for the past 20 years. As a foster carer for over ten years for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, she and her husband mainly looked after children with special educational needs. "During this time I heard about Parayhouse and it's amazing work", Daniela says. "Hence I'm delighted to now have a chance in my role as a community trustee governor to contribute to the future success of the school and its pupils.”


Hala Elansari,  Parent Trustee Governor

Being a Trustee Governor of Parayhouse School has been an opportunity to develop  my passion for education by seeing the workings of a school from a different perspective. Having worked as a subject teacher for 19 years, I am looking forward to contributing to the education sector as Governor. 

Since its inception, Parayhouse School has come a long way. It now has a clear vision and a team of professionals wanting to work towards achieving this. It is an honour to be part of that team of people dedicating time and effort to an institution we are all vested in.


Steve Hussey, Parent Trustee Governor

I have worked in finance and asset management for over 25 years. My daughter, Edie, has been at Parayhouse School for a couple of years and when I got the opportunity to join the Board as a Parent Trustee Governor I jumped at the chance to support and contribute my experience, especially on the finance side. The school fosters an amazing environment for the children to develop their life-skills and hopefully grow towards their full potential, testament to the hugely talented and committed staff. As a Trustee Governor I hope to be a critical friend to this staff and to help manage the operating risks of the school.


Nick Herrtage – Trustee

‘I have been in the property industry since 1978, in a number of aspects including Interior design, residential estate agency and development.  I now run my own development company and have done since 2001.  I was asked to become a Trustee really to assist in property related matters, latterly the relocation of the school to its current premises’

Helen Gun, Community Trustee Governor

I’m excited to support the wonderful work at Parayhouse and have been blown away by the dedication of the staff and parents who have created an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity. The students are inspired, inspiring and full of joy, none more so when they’re talking about their latest projects or class trips! My background is in strategy, marketing and communications, and I currently lead programmes at Facebook. I volunteered so that I could bring my skills and energy to support this very special and inspiring school.

Michael Gallagher, Community Trustee Governor

All my work experience has been interesting with opportunities to make a contribution to worthwhile endeavours (it goes without saying, mostly other peoples!). After graduating I trained as a teacher, gaining experience in a London comprehensive and later in a school undergoing transition to a Sixth Form College. I subsequently became a career civil servant and have taken on a number of roles both in administration and in provision for vulnerable people. These have included roles with responsibility for managing a departmental budget and related business planning, and in leading my own department’s response to the need to provide for clear safeguarding measures at every level of the work force. Outside work, I enjoy walking around capital cities in other countries, I follow sport, read, go to concerts, and enjoy plays and films. I enjoy cooking and eating although some will say I am far too fussy, and I like meeting up with my friends. I am looking forward to being part of Parayhouse School and the part it plays in the life and development of the children there.