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About Our Staff

Parayhouse staff are part of an ambitious and close-knit, multi-professional team that includes teachers, therapists and Learning Support Assistants [LSAs].

The School is committed to the professional development of all staff to enhance both their specific skills and the quality of the service they provide to our students.



The Staff at Parayhouse School



Sarah Jackson


Senior leaders

Ann Sullivan - School Business Manager

Holly Bristow - Assistant Headteacher

Verity Carnevale - Assistant Headteacher

Sam Croyle - Key Teacher

Caitriona Geraghty - Head of Therapy



School Business Manager

Ann Sullivan


Finance Manager 

Amanda Watkins


Family Support Manager 

Beverley Routley




SLT - Speech and Language Teacher

LSA - Learning Support Assistant


Pluto Group

Sam Croyle - Key Teacher

Sarah McPoland - SLT

Dean McCollin - LSA

Kimicha Comrie Carson - LSA

Melanie Taylor- LSA


Saturn Group

Holly Bristow - Key Teacher

Jenny Newell - SLT

Beatriz Exposito - LSA

Inam Mirza - LSA

Shanayah Castillo- LSA


Jupiter Group

Phoebe Buret - Key Teacher

Caitriona Gerahty 

Jane Hill - LSA

Daniel Lewis - LSA


Neptune Group

Lucy Raggett - Key Teacher

Katia Spidalieri- SLT

Jakub Koper - LSA

Jemma Hawkins - LSA

Rhianna Price Antoine - LSA


Mars Group

Bella Pembroke - Key Teacher

Amber Hawkins - SLT

Daniel Cayford - LSA

Emily Taylor - LSA


Art Teacher

Sineid Codd

Music Teacher

Gabriel Krchnavek


Drama Teacher

Inam Mirza

Occupational Therapist

Juliet Lawrence


Art Therapist

Zillah Grant