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Students in Pluto Group receive daily Mathematics and English lessons in addition to ongoing communication therapy to simultaneously support their ability to access the curriculum and to promote their independence. Intervention specifically targets students’ understanding and use of both functional language and pragmatic skills. A considerable focus is also placed on the development of social skills to enable students to foster appropriate peer interactions and create positive early friendships. The approach adopted is inspired by Nurture Group practices and includes activities such as emotional literacy sessions, news sharing, nurture snack and relaxation techniques in addition to core curriculum tasks.


The Key Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) undertake collaborative planning in order to provide an integrated curriculum whereby the academic demands are reinforced by Speech and Language Therapy input. Such a holistic model supports the generalisation of students’ acquired skills into a range of contexts and reinforces key vocabulary. The SaLT also provides direct therapy to students on rotation in addition to indirect input in the form of support and advice to parents and school staff on a needs-led basis.