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Our Therapies

Our Therapies

At Parayhouse School we understand that language is integral to learning.

Therefore speech and language therapy at Parayhouse is not simply an "add on." 

Speech, Language and Communication is the primary need for the students in Parayhouse, all with statements and EHCP plans outlining the need for regular Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) input. Accordingly, communication is at the heart of our curriculum and we employ five specialist SaLTs to ensure all our students can access the curriculum.

In addition to intensive SaLT, the Parayhouse school-wide therapy team includes an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Therapist and Art Therapist.  The therapy provision is intrinsic to the development of academic skills, independent life-skills and social and emotional well being. Our common focus is to 'remove the barriers to learning', in line with current best practice (SEND: Code of Practice)  and to work together to promote the students' wellbeing and improve the quality of special educational provision (Section 25 of the Children and Families Act 2014).

As highligted in our last Ofsted report, in reference to therapeutic input “ the students benefit from extra support from additional staff, who are well trained and highly effective in their role”.

This document outlines the therapy provision in Parayhouse and explicitly identifies how it impacts on our students’ learning and development. 

As a rule therapy mainly takes place within the classroom, in small groups,  which is a more naturalistic and functional environment that will encourage generalisation. Therapists prioritise students for 1:1 support when results show need for extra support or funding is designated i.e. pupil premium.

Therapists collaborate with team members to share targets and together implement ways to help students access their learning. We have regular in-house training to share our knowledge ensure consistency in our approaches to teaching.

Therapists communicate regularly with parents, through home visits, parent workshops, and therapy newsletters, ensuring goals are shared. This leads to greater outcomes for our students, as measured by parent reports and overall results.

 SaLT's deliver speech and language groups in Maths, Literacy and Communication lessons. They also support teachers in planning for the foundation subjects.