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About Our Staff

Parayhouse staff are part of an ambitious and close-knit, multi-professional team that includes teachers, therapists and Learning Support Assistants [LSAs].

The School is committed to the professional development of all staff to enhance both their specific skills and the quality of the service they provide to our students.

The Staff at Parayhouse School

Co Headteachers 

Holly Bristow & Verity Carnevale


Assistant Headteacher (Assessment Co-Ordinator)

Claire Huntington


School Business Manager/Finance Officer

Lorraine Morgan


Middle Leaders 

Phoebe Buret - Middle Manager, Teacher (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Jenny Newell - Lead SaLT, Middle Manager

Family Support Officer 

Emily Taylor


Shanaya Castillo - Key Teacher (Unqualified Teacher)

Monica Ricart - Key Teacher 

Beatriz Exposito - Senior Key Teacher 

Jakub Koper - Key Teacher (ECT Year 2) 

Kimicha Comrie-Carson - Key Teacher (Maternity leave) 

Nataleigh Taylor - Key Teacher (Maternity cover)

Sally Defreitas - Art Teacher (Unqualified Teacher)

English Teacher

Patsy Walker

Music Teacher

Gabriel Krchnavek

Speech and Language Therapists

Jenny Newell - Lead SaLT and Middle Manager 

Pia Lucas - SaLT

Learning Support Assistants 

Jane Hill (Lead) 

Natasha Belshaw (Lead)

Ruben Galvez-Gonjar (Lead)

Dean McCollin (Lead)

Jasmine Chisholm (Lead)

Daniel Cayford (PE Lead) 

Ella Selby 

Harriet Atkins 

Sharon Kennedy 

Aimee Parmer 

Gemma Castellano

Mimi Botross 

Helen Bayne

Oscar Scott 

Hicham Elkhamlichi

Chanel Whilby 

David Hannah

Uba Abubakar

Remi Green

Drama Therapist

Inam Mirza

Occupational Therapist

Juliette Lawrence

Jemma Hawkins - Assistant OT 

Lunchtime Supervisors

Sue Comerford

Lisa Dykes