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SMSC and British Values

SMSC Curriculum

At Parayhouse we are committed to the educational, personal and social development of all students.

While our two curriculum pathways  focus on the development of communication,  life-skills , and core literacy and numeracy skills, we aim to give our students access to a fully rounded range of learning opportunities and experiences which broaden their horizons and deepens their understanding of the world.

Pastoral care and SMSC education sits at the core of our daily practice and is embedded in our school values and ethos. It is also delivered via our PHSE, ASDAN and So Safe schemes of work/programmes however there are some specific non-curricular ways in which to recognise and promote enrichment outside the classroom:


The school holds weekly assemblies which celebrate the week’s learning in each class.  They are also an opportunity to touch on key topical events such as charity days, religious celebrations or current affairs.

Educational Visits

The school is committed to ensuring students have access to a robust, well planned schedule of educational visits which not only support in-class learning but also offer students opportunities to encounter experiences they may not normally have access to and which touch on areas of learning that we do not cover directly in class.

Awareness Days

Each year the school plans a schedule of awareness days to observe which we believe will support our students’ understanding of the world around them, celebrate our diverse community and touch on important current affairs issues.

Charity Events

To encourage empathy, responsibility and understanding of how we can all support those in need, we plan an annual schedule of charity events to support.  Both the charity events and awareness days are linked to our school’s Equalities objectives.

Focus Weeks

To support learning and development in areas which are not timetabled as stand-alone subjects in our curriculum, we hold several focus weeks throughout the year for example Science or History week.   These allow our teachers to explore this subject in-depth with the students in a developmentally appropriate way. The weeks end with a whole school event where students can share their learning.

Independent Living Skills/Work Experience

Students in Year 11 are given the opportunity to experience an independent living skills trip or work experience dependent on their specific learning pathway.  We are committed to supporting our students to achieve their full potential and to become successful, independent citizens.

Residential Camp

Each year, all students take part in a residential camp tailored to their level of need. All trips are intended to encourage important life and social skills development, expand our students’ range of experiences and also support peer relationships. 

All of these events and our wider school ethos are underpinned by core British values. 

We support students to develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.  Actively encouraging students’ social, cultural, moral and spiritual (SMSC) development is integral to our approach to education.