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Our Classes

Our students are split between 5 classes: Willow, Ash, Elm, Lime and Oak.  Class sizes range from approximately 6 children to a maximum of 13 dependent on the complexity of each class group each year.

Students are placed by their learning needs rather than by age however the school will also take into consideration the social development and peer group of each student. Students will move from class to class if it is assessed that these areas have progressed or changed to an extent that a transition would be in their best interest. However, where students remain in the same class across years, the learning is adapted and tailored to ensure continuous progression and reinforcement as necessary.

Each class is staffed by a Key Teacher, Speech and Language Therapist and at least 2 Learning Support Assistants. They are also supported by our Occupational Therapy team. 

All students follow a differentiated and adapted curriculum which includes Literacy and Numeracy development alongside Art, Accessing Technology, Music, P.E, Topic. RSE and PHSE lessons cover the development of healthy relationships, social interactions and independence. 

RSE is taught through the SoSAFE! programme. SoSAFE! uses a standardised framework of concepts, symbols and visual lesson materials to teach the type and degree of communicative and physical intimacy appropriate with different groups of people in an individual’s life. The programme also teaches strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner.

All students work towards ASDAN certification though designated, streamed sessions.

Development of essential Lifeskills is embedded in the curriculum and throughout the school day lessons and may cover a range of topics including road safety, cooking, and money skills.  They are given the opportunity to practice these skills throughout the day, from the morning routine through to how we walk around the school.  We also get out into the local community as much as possible via trips to the shops, cafes or museums.