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Instrument of Government

Instrument of Government


1.  The name of the school is Parayhouse School.

2.  The school is a non-maintained special school, approved by the DfE for the education of students from 7 – 16 years with speech, language and communication needs, moderate learning difficulties and emotional, social & behavioural difficulties

3.  The name of the governing body is “The Governing Body of Parayhouse School”.

4.  The Governing Body shall consist of:

  • Maximum 5 Staff Governors [to include Head, a therapist and a teacher, elected]
  • Maximum 5 parent governors [elected]
  • Maximum 5 community governors [invited and approved by Governors]
  • least one member appointed by one or more local authority,

5.  All Governors will be a member of the Company of Parayhouse School; the liability of members is limited.

6.  Total number of Governors will be no more than 15

7. All Governors will be charity Trustees of the charity, Parayhouse School.

8.  The Governing Body will elect a Chair as and when required.

9.  The term of office for Governors will be 4 years.

10.  This instrument of governance comes into effect from 1st January 2018.

11.  A copy of this instrument must be supplied to every member of the Governing Body.


The Governing Body of Parayhouse School has the following roles and responsibilities:

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Sub Committee

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Sub Committee

Finance, Leadership & Management Sub Committee

The Governing Body will report bi-annually to parents/carers in December and July.

Chair of Trustee Governors