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Educational Visits

At Parayhouse, we believe learning is more effective when it is supported by real-world experiences and we encourage staff to plan educational visits that consolidate classroom-based learning and embed knowledge for students. We are particularly fortunate to be based in London surrounded by a rich range of historical, artistic, cultural and religious settings and believe that educational visits are also a vital way to support students' independence, citizenship skills, British values and communication. 

Students also take part in a residential trip held annually which encourages development of lifeskils and social communicaiton skills. 


All students go on a residential trip in June or July with their class group.

The trips involve staying away for 2/3 nights and allow us to assess the students' independent living skills and have fun at the end of the year. 

Yr 11 - Independent living trip 

Year 11 students go away on an independent living trip during their last year. They go away in small peer groups, along with the OT and FSM. The trip allows them to put into practice all the key independent living skills they have been praciticing during their time at Parayhouse School.