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 Exploring and creating through art is a vital way for students to develop their sense of creativity and expression. For many students for whom literacy and numeracy are more challenging, art can provide freedom to develop and communicate their ideas in purposeful and accessible ways.

Painting, drawing and making also aids our students' fine motor skills development and so these lessons are planned with the support and input of our school Occupational Therapist to ensure opportunities are maximised. Exploring different materials and colours provides important sensory input for our students.

We also acknowledge the significant potential of artistic expression for the positive emotional wellbeing of our students and so artistic opportunities are also embedded in other areas of the curriculum such as CLPE.

For our semi-formal curriculum, students access Art and Craft lessons each week, which allow them to build confidence and enjoyment in expressing their ideas as well as supporting wider learning.

Students on the formal curriculum pathway access Art and Design lessons, which include more concrete development of skills alongside development of creativity and expression.