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Accessing Technology

Parayhouse School acknowledges the significance of developing our students’ skills in using new and emerging technology safely and effectively as a means of equipping them with vital future life and work skills.

We aim to use current and emerging technology to enrich and extend learning throughout the curriculum, by supporting different learning styles and providing.  The use of technology can develop creativity, thinking and problem solving skills, preparing our children for adulthood.

In our semi-formal pathway for Willow and Ash groups, ICT skills are embedded through other areas of the curriculum. This includes focusing on use of real life applications, and includes using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technology, iPads, laptops, phones, household appliances, games and toys.

Our formal Accessing Technology Curriculum is designed to help pupils acquire confidence, proficiency, purpose and pleasure in using different technological devices and tools to become competent skilled with current and emerging technologies at a level that is suitable, relevant and appropriately challenging.  It also encompasses, at all levels, the vital task of educating our children in how to behave responsibly online and providing them with continuous support to do so.

This curriculum ensures progression in the development of knowledge and understanding of different technologies and ensures pupils are given a chance to apply new techniques and skills in relation to other subject areas, stimulating creativity.   At all times during these lessons, students will also be supported to continue developing their skills at using any AAC devices they may use to aid communication.

In broad terms the progressive content of our Accessing Technology curriculum coverage may look as follows:


Students may begin to develop their understanding of technology that is used in the home and at school and use technology through role play. They should start to understand how to use simple technology in their surroundings such as turning on a switch or pressing a crossing button. They may access simple activities using touch technology such as playing a game or taking a photo and be supported to do this with increasing control.  They may also begin to use a keyboard and mouse.

Students will further develop their skills for simple activities on touch technologies and keypads.  They may begin to explore mobile phones and other technologies such as those for cooking or leisure such as televisions.


Students will begin to use laptop and tablet devices with more accuracy and complexity e.g. creating a powerpoint and filling out online forms. They will explore mobile phone use in more detail and look at emerging technologies such as VR.  They will consider technology in relation to their personal lives e.g. games consoles and contactless payment.


All parents are required to sign an acceptable use of technology agreement when their child starts at Parayhouse, and regularly reminded as to how to monitor their child’s online safety.

Please see our online safety page under the 'Students' tab.