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Yoga therapy at Parayhouse School

There are many different schools, styles and practices of Yoga.  Some are more physical than spiritual, whilst others are more meditative and spiritual but also with a great emphasis on the physical postures. However, all yoga is considered to have physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. 

In Parayhouse, we have one,full-time, specialist Learning Support Assistant who has trained in Yoga teaching and practice for students with Special educational Needs. Yoga instruction takes place alongside P.E. lessons to support students who have been identified as needing extra support to access the P.E. curriculum.

Our yoga therapist also identifies students for 1:1 input who would benefit from various aspects of yoga to develop their attention and listening, posture and core strength and to support their mental health and well-being.

The best way to understand how Yoga impacts our students is to use real examples from our practice, as follows:

  • One student who had difficulty with his physical co-ordination and motor skills found it a real challenge to sit upright with his legs crossed, however after focused yoga sessions, is now able to do so (sitting in ‘easy pose’). This has in-turn, improved the student’s sitting posture in the classroom and as a result is more prepared for learning.


  • Another student who presented behaviour patterns of extreme hyperactivity and agitation, excessive fidgeting and poor concentration received 1:1 yoga sessionswith a focus on regular breathing exercisesin a range of postures. Following this period of input, the aforementioned behaviours have decreased in yoga sessions and this has generalised to the classroom. The reduction in these behaviours has inevitably improved the student’s ability to attend to information and therefore to learn.