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Speech & Language

Speech and Language Therapy at Parayhouse School

Speech, Language and Communication is the primary need of our students at Parayhouse, all of whom have Statements/EHCP plans outlining the need for regular Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) input. Accordingly, communication is at the heart of our curriculum and we employ four specialist SLTs to ensure all our students can access the curriculum.

The SLT provision is delivered in various ways, personalised to our students’ individual needs. Therapy mainly takes place within the classroom, in small groups, which is a more natural and functional environment that encourages generalisation. Therapists collaborate with team members to set targets and together implement ways to help students access their learning and develop their speaking and listening skills.

Developing our practice is important for continual professional development and the SLTs deliver regular in- house training to share our knowledge and ensure consistency in our approaches to supporting our students’ communication needs.

In March 2017, our SLT team hosted a forum for Speech and Language Therapists working in Special Schools. From this a Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) has been established and will continue to grow and help develop our practice and that of other SLTs working in a similar setting.