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Miss Exposito - Key Teacher

Miss Newell - Speech and Language Therapist

Saturn class has 10 students, 4 teaching staff and a speech and language therapist.  Saturn students range in age from Year 6 to Year 11 but are working on a differentiated and adapted curriculum.  Saturn class follow a traditional timetable of subjects such as Language and Communication, Maths, Accessing Technology, Drama, Art, Music, P.E., Yoga, Life Skills and Topic. The class enjoys many trips into the local community and beyond to support their in class learning. Saturn class has a strong emphasis on having a healthy mind and continue to support student’s mental health and happiness.

Staff involved - Teaching and Therapy staff

Learning levels - Saturn students are following an adapted curriculum with most student working at a Year level.

Exams/accreditation - Saturn students work towards functional targets which are tailored to their individual needs.

Core & Foundation Subjects - Saturn core subjects are Language and communication, Maths, Topic and Life Skills. Foundation are  Art, Accessing Technology, Drama, Music, and P.E.

Lifeskills - Camp, trips, access to college kitchen for cooking.