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Residential Trips

Residential Trips


For over 25 years we have run residential trips for all students during the summer term to augment and rehearse skills learned in weekly life skills lessons. This experience is considered part of the core curriculum and, as such, all students are expected to attend. The trip is largely funded by the school fee however parents are asked for a small voluntary contribution to help maintain the range of activities offered on the residential trips.

All trips take place within England however specific locations change year on year to ensure a fresh and exciting experience for all students. Depending on the needs of the students within each class, trips may or may not be catered and can vary from 3-4 nights.

Parayhouse recognises that the development of lifeskills is of the greatest importance for our students and this annual experience is considered a vital part of that progress. In consultation with the school's Occupational Therapist targets can be set for the students to work towards whilst they are away giving a more focused outlook for the trip. Students greatly look forward to 'camp' and lots of fun is had by all.

Come back soon for updates and images from this year's exciting trips