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Parent Trustee Governor Vacancy

Dear parent(s)/carer(s),

I am writing to inform you of a vacancy for the role of parent Trustee Governor on The Parayhouse board of Trustee Governors.

The role of the Trustee Governing Board-

The school’s Trustee Governing Board is responsible for providing confident and strategic leadership, and creating robust accountability, oversight and assurance for the school’s educational and financial performance. The Board is passionate about education and committed to continuous school improvement to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.


The role of a Parent Trustee Governor

As a Parent Trustee Governor, you’ll work with the board to ensure it effectively carries out the duties referred to above. You’ll also play a vital role in ensuring that the board is connected with, and is aware of the views of, parents and the local community.

To be a Parent Trustee Governor you should have:

  • A strong commitment to the role and to improving outcomes for our students
  • Good inter-personal skills, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and develop new skills
  • The specific skills required to ensure the Governing Board delivers effective governance

The Governing Board is keen for candidates to have skills in the following: fundraising, corporate identity.

Expectations of Parent Trustee Governors

Parent Trustee Governors would be expected to:

  • Attend full Trustee Governor meetings.  We hold four full Trustee Governor meetings per year.  These are usually held at school on a Tuesday between 5pm-7pm. 
  • Attend the meetings of one committee.  You would also be asked to join a committee. Committees meet between 4 and 6 times a year. The times vary from one committee to another. 
  • We ask Parent Trustee Governors to visit the school occasionally with a focus for the visit, e.g. literacy, ICT etc. and to produce a short report to feedback their findings.
  • Parent Trustee Governors are asked to attend some training sessions throughout the year.
  • Parent Trustee Governors are required to maintain confidentiality.