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Brenda Campos - Key Teacher

Christaline Clement - Speech and Language Therapist

Lime students range in age from Year 6 to Year 11 but are working on a differentiated and adapted curriculum.  Lime class follow a traditional timetable of subjects such as English, Maths and Science. The class enjoys many trips into the local community and beyond to support their in class learning. Lime class has a strong emphasis on having a healthy mind and healthy body and support student’s mental health and happiness through a range of activities for example Go Noodle. Students use this for movement breaks, exercise and calming down time.

Staff involved – Teaching, Therapy and support staff     

Learning levels - Lime students are following an adapted curriculum with most students working at a Year 1-3 level.

Exams/accreditation - Lime students undertake ORC exams Entry Level / Functional Skills and some students undertake Entry level AQA PSE.

Core & Foundation Subjects - Lime core subjects are English, Maths, PSHE. Foundation subjects are Science, Humanities / Topic, Art, Accessing Technology, Drama, Music, P.E, Current affairs and Speaking and Listening.

Lifeskills - Camp, trips, access to college kitchen for cooking, weekly shopping in small groups.