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ICT Statement

ICT Statement


At Parayhouse School Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is used to consolidate learning across the curriculum and to aid and promote communication and independence.

In Pluto, Neptune and Saturn Groups ICT skills are taught through lessons focusing on accessing technology. In these lessons, learning focuses on real life applications, and includes using augmented and assistive communication (AAC) technology, iPads, laptops, phones, household appliances, games and toys.

In Jupiter and Mars Groups, students have functional ICT lessons which follow the syllabus for the OCR accredited Functional Skills ICT qualification, which can be taken in years 10 and 11.

Students are educated about online safety, including visits from the local Police on this subject. All parents are required to sign a cyber agreement when their child starts at Parayhouse, and regularly reminded as to how to monitor their child’s online safety.