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At Parayhouse School, we have a philosophy of life-long learning. We believe that continual professional development is key to our students’ progress in learning and our own overall development as individuals. Our students have complex and varied needs and for this reason we actively encourage and train our staff in evidence based approaches to reflect this. 

SaLTs have been trained in a range of approaches (including Specialism in Downs Syndrome Education and SMILE therapy) and two of our Learning Support Assistants are undertaking teacher training, to name a few. 

To disseminate our new skills, we carry out in-house training on inset days, i.e. Makaton training for new staff members and ongoing taster sessions. In addition, we have biweekly, informal meet ups with teachers, therapists and support staff, referred to as ‘Best Practice’.

Training and ongoing development opportunities are identified in relation to the School's Improvement Plan (SIP) and staff Individual Development Plans (IDP) to ensure that we are always able to deliver the best practice for the benefits of our students. We welcome a proactive attitude, and staff are also welcome to identify development opportunities for themselves and bring them to the Leadership team.