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Welcome letter from the new Headteacher



                     Dear parents and Carers



I am delighted to be the new Head teacher of Parayhouse School, and I feel it is a privilege to be entrusted to lead this wonderful community. 


We have had a very positive start to the new school year and have welcomed many new students who are settling in well and making new friendships. The first days were made so joyful by the smiling faces of the students and staff team in this warm and happy place.


I look forward to meeting all of you in the near future and hope that we continue to build a strong partnership between our students, parents, carers and the school.  Our first opportunity to get together will be our celebration of Black History Month. We are holding an International Afternoon on Friday, 28th September from 2pm – 3.30pm and all families are invited and encouraged to attend. We are hoping some people will be able to bring a typical dish from another country.  Alternatively, if anyone would like to bring along an object that the students might find interesting, from another country or culture, that would be welcome too. More details will be sent out nearer the event.


I wish you all a successful and productive start to the Autumn Term.


Warm regards,

Eileen O’Shea




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