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COVID-19 Update


Dear parents, students, friends and co-workers,

It is with a heavy heart that following last night’s Government announcement of enhanced social restrictions and instructions that people should only leave their house for specific and limited reasons, we have made the difficult decision to close the school completely from the end of the day today (24.3.20)

We have being doing all we can in the last few days to keep a limited provision open for students of critical workers however it has become increasingly apparent that it is no longer safe or viable to do so.  We have many staff with pre-existing medical conditions, who are self-isolating or screening and many that have child care or dependent responsibilities which prevent them from being present in the school at this time.

In addition to staffing restrictions, we are located within the college who have been very generous in providing their own staff in order to assist us in operating  a partial provision despite their own closure (including Inclusive Learning) however it is no longer possible for us to expect the security, cleaners, caterers and site managers to continue to travel to work at this time as we are not their direct employers and we cannot in good faith put them at additional risk.  We must also consider the risk to our students, remaining staff, passenger assistants and everyone’s wider families by encouraging unnecessary interaction and travel at this time.

We understand how difficult this is for everyone involved and staff are still available to offer support, advice and resources via phone and email as per details on previous messages. Please do contact us with any questions.  In addition if you are finding this time particularly challenging financially or emotionally please contact the headteachers or family support manager who will be able to offer advice on how to seek additional support from your local authority or social services. 

It is more imperative now than ever that we heed advice from the Government to limit movement and they have been clear that the more children who can remain at home the safer they, their parents and our teachers and their families will be and the better we can assist in the mammoth task of addressing this pandemic and returning to normal as soon as is possible

We are thinking of you all and have every faith that if we can support the Government and our NHS in tackling this pandemic we will be able to see all of our wonderful students back at school soon.

If you have any other concerns or questions please contact one of the Headteachers or our Chair of Governors, Johnnie Wraith, on

Best wishes

Holly Bristow and Verity Carnevale



As of 23rd March, in line with Government advice, the school will be using it’s reduced staff body to run a skeleton service for the children of keyworkers and our most vulnerable students. To clarify, in order to ensure we meet H&S requirements we will need to triage key worker students giving priority to emergency workers first. We will then look to extend this out wherever possible. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

If your child falls into this category we will be in touch today and will contact transport on your behalf to confirm. For those students whom we can make provision for in school at this time, we are also running a shorter school day from 9am-3pm in order to allow as many staff to make it to school, particularly in light of the announced tube closure. This will be the case until the Easter break initially – provision beyond this is under review and we will keep in regular contact with parents.

We urge that if you have not already done so you please log on to School Ping, our new communication tool, as this is the best way to stay informed. We understand that these are difficult and unprecedented times and that it will be may be hard for many students to be at home for a potentially long period of time. They are also fast moving and fluid and we will keep up to date with Government advice and inform you of any changes to our provision as soon as we can.

Your child’s key teacher and Therapists will be happy to assist in any way that they can with learning and behavioural advice, and can be contacted via email as below. Of course Mrs Routley is also available on 07501015569 for any family support questions, you will be able to call the office between 9am-3pm.

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